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This Web Design Contract is between (client above) and Julio Cesar Fondeur Bello ( and or Fondeur Bello ProServices, EIRL, from now (THE VENDOR) based in the Dominican Republic.

The client acknowledges THE VENDOR to implement web design services for his/her company, business or blog.

Here are the following web design services that we offer:
Hosting will be located at (a yearly payment must be done after the first included year, regarding domain name and hosting to and or THE VENDOR).

Bronze plan:
Domain name and hosting (1st year)
Custom Emails > 10 accounts
Personal design
Social Media integration
Maintenance > 1Month
Pages, subpages 15
Online store > 20 SKUS

Silver plan:
Domain name and hosting (1st year)
Custom Emails > 30 accounts
Personal design
Social Media integration
Maintenance > 2Months
Pages, subpages > 30
Online store > 60 SKUs
Database and Forms integration

Gold plan:
Domain name and hosting (1st year)
Custom Emails > 100
Personal design
Social Media integration
Maintenance > 3 Months
Pages, subpages > Unlimited
Online store > Unlimited
Database and Forms integration
Private access with password

Our fees are fixed according to the plan you choose in US Dollars.
In case you need extra features, we will notify accordingdly. BRONZE $495.95 - SILVER $695.95 - GOLD $1131

The total amount of the web design service will be according to the last topic.
The initial payment will be the 50% of the choosen plan.
Payments will be made by 2Checkout, using credit card or PayPal by a link the vendor will provide.
If payment method is via invoice, then the company will provide an invoice showing the hourly fees, and other expenses.
If the client decided to sign up for the monthly retainer or continuous service, a different contract and pricing will be made.

THE VENDOR assures that services offered will be in excellent, superior, and first-rate quality.

For changes in the way of how we render our service, please notify us. If you're not satisfied with our work, kindly let us know so that we can further assist you.

After completing the project based on the approved design/plan, the client will be given 24-48 hours to decide if the project will be tagged as complete or incomplete. If incomplete, THE VENDOR will further assist the client with the same rate and apply the changes based on the requests of the client.

All works created by THE VENDOR belongs to the Client under the "Work made for hire" US and Dominican Republic Copyright Law. Upon signing this contract, THE VENDOR will lose all rights to the work provided under this project.

The project or the services indicated in this contract is considered strictly confidential. The information about the web design services provided should not be revealed by both parties without written consent from both parties.

The effectivity date of these terms will start on the date the proposal was signed until the project is complete. A certificate of completion will be given to both parties together with their signatures.

Before the termination of this contract, all finished projects and materials will be surrendered to the client. This includes mockups, frameworks, artworks, codes, repositories, emails, login credentials, purchased software, hardware, and services and will be located inside the hosting structure.

THE VENDOR and the Client indemnifies and hold harmless to each other against any claims, expenses, damages, and liabilities.

This contract can only be changed or modified by the THE VENDOR with the approval of the client. A new contract will be made if both parties wish to change a significant amount of content in this contract.

By clicking below, you acknowledge the terms indicated in this document.

Uddated on July, 24th 2020

2023 Copyright FBPS
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